Frontiers in Science Technology and Application (FSTA)

Knowledge without Boundaries

FSTA is a fully peer reviewed journal with multi-level screening and review. A manuscript submitted to FSTA will go through the following screening/review steps:

  1. Screening Upon Submission: Each manuscript will be screened by the Editorial Office for adherence to all submission requirements like non-plagiarism declaration, format and other mandatory information/declaration.
  2. Manuscript screened successfully will be then undergo editorial review for relevance and Category under the Area it has been submitted. Manuscript submitted under an Area not relevant will be redirected to another Area Editor or rejected.
  3. The Area Editor will carryout an initial evaluation of the manuscript for its potential for publication and take an editorial decision regarding further review or rejection.
  4. A manuscript recommended for further review will be typically sent out for external review.
  5. Based on the external reviews, the Editor will accept, suggest revision or reject the manuscript.
  6. A manuscript accepted technically will then enter a prioritization cycle in which the publication of the manuscript will be prioritized among various accepted manuscripts.

The typical timescales for the various steps (counted from the day of completion of the previous step) is approximately as follows

Review Step Time (Days) Remarks
Submission 00 Only electronic submission through the Journal website
Acknowledgement 01 Email communication to the Corresponding Author
Technical Screening 03 Assignment of manuscript Reference Number
Editorial Screening 07 Factors like relevance and significance will be considered
External Review 45 Blind Peer review by Area experts
Prioritization 10 Among technically accepted submissions for a given Issue
Publication 10 Online publication in the next Issue with DoI


  1. The number of days refer to working days; holidays are not counted
  2. The timescale for major revision will be similar to the timescale for external review
  3. These timelines are only indicative, and may vary depending upon various factors